Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To effectively review the management and use of state resources by employing a variety of relevant auditing types and techniques and reporting to Parliament on a timely basis.

Our Vision

An audit institution of the highest international calibre championing good governance and protecting the interest of the people.

Core Values

Values are the principles that represent the key ideas and ideals through which the Auditor General’s Department is governed.  They are the fundamental thoughts that shape behaviour and operations.  In this context and based on its Beliefs and Philosophy the Department’s core values include:

1.    Integrity. The Auditor General’s Department has built its image on this platform.   All staff will contribute to the furtherance of this value.

2.    Accountability and Transparency. These values will be foremost in the   operations of the Auditor General’s Department on a daily basis.

3.    Endorsement of open communication. Employee participation and involvement in the business of the Auditor General’s Department is a basic principle of its operations

4.    Confidentiality. This is in force at all times.

5.    Professionalism. All staff would operate with professionalism at all times

6.    Participatory Leadership. Leadership in the Auditor General’s Department goes beyond the ‘open door policy.’ Key staff are empowered to make decisions.

7.    Service Orientation. Superior service to the Government and people of Trinidad and Tobago will be the strongest orientation of the Auditor General’s Department.