A Career at the AGD

The Auditor General’s Department (AGD) has ‘Approved Employer’ status with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Auditors who are ACCA certified do not need to seek additional training to earn mandatory Continuous Professional Development (CPD) hours.

For persons who may be desirous of joining the staff at the Auditor General’s Department, recruitment is done via the Service Commissions Department and all queries/requests regarding employment should be directed there. Contract services are advertised in the daily print media and applications for such positions are entertained then.

Additionally, The Civil Service Act (Chapter 23:01) and Regulations - Governs the relationship between the Auditor General’s Department and public officers in such areas as personnel, consultation and negotiation.
The Public Service Commission as we know it today was preceded by the Civil Service Selection Committee and the Civil Service Staff Board which were established for the purposes of appointments, promotions, transfers and discipline in 1928 and 1936 respectively.

The public Service Commission was first constitutionally entrenched in 1959 and subsequently in the 1962 Independence Constitution and the Republican Constitution, 1976, Sections 120 and 121. The Public Service Commission has jurisdiction over the Civil, Fire and Prison Services provide the following functions as enshrined in the Constitution:-

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