Section 25


 (1) On receipt of the accounts prescribed by section 24, the Auditor General shall cause them to examined and audited and shall, within a period of seven months after 30th October in each year or such longer period thereafter as Parliament may by resolution appoint, prepare and transmit to the Minister a report upon his examination and audit of all accounts relating to public moneys, stamps, securities, stories and other State property, together with certified copies of each of the said accounts.

(2) The Auditor General shall set out in his annual report all payments made out of public moneys to a member of each House of Parliament (other than the Salary and any allowances paid to him as a Minister, President or Deputy President of the  Senate, Speaker or Deputy Speaker of the House, Parliamentary Secretary or as a member, and any pension paid to such member) by stating the name of the member receiving the payment, the total amount which he has received and the service or services in respect of which the payment was made.

(3) The Minister shall lay the report of the Auditor General on the table of Parliament within thirty days of its receipt by him or, if Parliament is not  sitting, within thirty days after the commencement of the next sitting.

(4) The Auditor General may at any time if it appears to him desirable transmit a special report to the Minister for presentation in like manner to Parliament. Such special report may be made on any matter incidental to his powers and duties under this act.

(5) If the Minister does not within the time prescribed lay such annual or special report on the table of Parliament, the Auditor General shall forthwith transmit the report to the Speaker of Parliament, to be by him presented to the House.